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Window Cleaning in Stockport

window cleaningDo you need professional window cleaning? Then call Top Clean Care and get our reliable professional help in or outside of your home now, no deposits or hidden fees. For your convenience, we also work weekends and bank holidays free of any additional charges or fees. We do hope you also like:

  • Full window cleaning
  • Window seal and plastic care
  • Eco-friendly cleaning
  • No detergents or chemicals usage
  • Multiple bookings discount
  • Certified window cleaners

As well as regular discounts each month which will further drop the already affordable rates, making our professional help one of the most, if not the most affordable and yet quality window cleaning services in .

Window CleaningPrices
Flat £37
Facade £27
Terraced property £41
Minimum charge of £37 applies

Window Cleaning Service Details

We have a diverse capability of cleaning not only windows but also: double windows, sash windows, French doors, a small bay and big bay windows, skylights, retractable doors, window meshes, patios, gutters, garden furniture and a lot more.

The Cleaning Techniques We Use

Purified water cleaning - this technique allows the cleaners to remove all the dirt and grime off of your windows, sills and plastics, all done using purified water. We use a demineralization agents that purifies the water, which will then have better dirt removal capabilities due to its inert need of returning to its natural state. This makes our procedures safer for the environment and your family, and that's at a reasonable price. If used in conjunction with a water-fed pole, we can clean outside giving you a full window cleaning experience. Depending on the height of the building, we will clean your windows, their sills and the plastic, though their proper maintenance prior to arrival is required.

Squeegee window cleaning
- we also work indoors, and for that, we use a squeegee and a lot of elbow grease. We inspect the state of the window then decide which bio-degradable detergent will work the best, based on the condition of the window itself as well as its seals and the plastics. For achieving the best results, we use a degreasing agent that works best for removing fingerprints from the windows as well as dissolving any other dirt particles that might be on it. The window cleaners apply the agent on the window removing all of the dirt using a squeegee. For a full window cleaning, we also go over the rubberised sills of your window as well as the plastics, aging using a specially chosen degreasing biodegradable cleaning agent.

Why choose us?

We come fully prepared for every job, whether an indoor or outside job, we will bring all of the needed equipment, including ladders, safety gear and the appropriate detergents. Not only that but using our water fed pole we can reach up to 4 stories high, and for commercial buildings, we can send a specialist alpine team to take care of high altitude problems.

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Book the fantastic window cleaners today and get your home's windows clean once again, just dial 0161 823 0247 and get the best window cleaning teams in Stockport. You can also use the booking form or rely on the instant chat room to get further information regarding our service, discounts and ways to save your money.