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Excellent Upholstery Cleaning in Stockport

expert upholstery cleaningDealing with the stains, or someone spilled a drink on your new suede sofa and the stain won’t come off? Won’t you rather be enjoying something else but clean on your hands and feet? Call Top Clean Care, a leading provider of upholstery cleaning in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Worried about the chemicals we use?
Don't, everything has passed inspection because we are only using the finest in bio-degradable cleaning supplies (child and pet safe).

Why choose our Upholstery Cleaning

Uneven cleaning lines, stain leftovers and shrinkage of the upholstery are a thing of the past with Top Clean Care. Not only will our service prevent aging of the fibers and leather, but also protect the colors and form of the upholstery. Reserving our services, expect:

  • Experienced cleaners
  • Deeply cleaned fibers
  • Lack of any contaminants
  • No more dog or cat smells and stains
  • Food blemishes removed

And to protect the fibers of your upholstery, we can apply a coating of our special Scotchgard detergent that will prevent from dirt sticking to the fibers, locking in the clean effects for a longer period of time.

Furniture Cleaning Methods

Leather upholstery treatment – whether you have synthetic or natural leather, this service will cover its rejuvenation and cleaning. For natural leather, we have special solvents and conditioners that best react with the material, custom chosen for every type of natural leather. With long use it can dry which will lead to cracking and degradation of the quality and will aesthetically ruin the furniture, to prevent or even remedy that we use a special conditioner that moisturizes the leather, opening its pores and allowing for the natural oils of the leather to be reactivated. This prevents the leather from drying and gives it a new life.

Dry furniture cleaning – sends a strong contingent of dry particles designed to take away moisture and sanitize the fabric of the upholstery without causing any damage to the colors. This treatment does not use water or heat so it is safe to use on even sued and silk upholstery with no chance of damage. To apply the detergent properly, the cleaners first hoover the furniture then apply the detergent with a fine brush and leave it to react with the stain for 15 minutes. Once done everything is drawn away with a vacuum cleaner and is now ready to use, its simple as that. No drying time and no chance of molding, this is an overall very flexible and useful treatment, which is safe for use around allergy prone people.

Book Upholstery Cleaners in Stockport

If you are looking for the right furniture cleaning service, that will answer your cleaning needs, get in touch with Top Clean Care. The upholstery cleaning experts in Stockport will eliminate all the stains and dirty spills from your chairs and sofa without any hassle. Call 0161 823 0247 and our team will arrange quick and easy our visit in your home or office. Our customer assistance is always available to respond your questions early in the mornings and late in the evening.