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Excellent Rug Cleaning Stockport

rug cleaning in StockportYour faithful rugs need a cleaning now and again, otherwise, dust will settle and not only make their colors look a lot duller but make for a great nesting location for bed bug or dust mite colonies. They thrive in the dust, so the best way to prevent them from coming is by regularly rug cleaning, just call Top Clean Care experts in Stockport and they will clean and rejuvenate any rug type or style, regardless of materials or size.

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

Stains and dirt will be no match for the professional solvents and solutions we have prepared, using only a fine selection of bio-degradable detergents, we can do miracles at the most affordable rates around. Our rug cleaning method is eco-friendly and absolutely safe for your family and domestic pets.

Don’t hesitate to feel again the gentle touch of your luxurious rugs without dust, grime, and unpleasant spills. Booking our excellent cleaning services every one of our domestic or commercial customers will receive the following advantages:

  • Soft, gentle fibers
  • Sanitized textiles
  • Ready to use your rugs
  • No stains or color bleeding
  • Full dust removal
  • Professional rug cleaners Stockport

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Information about our cleaning service

Dry rug cleaning Stockport – are our special cleaning solutions, made to take draw out moisture from the delicate fibers of your rugs, they can also be used as moisture and heat free cleaning agents. Both of these have been designed with delicate cleaning in mind, not forcing the material to release the stains, but rather slowly dissolving it to achieve clean results, with no damage to the pigments of the fibers, nor any strain to said fibers. The rug cleaners use a fine brush to apply the dry compound on the affected area, wait for 15 minutes then extract all of the gunk with a vacuum cleaner.

Steam rug cleaning – neutralizes the strong grip that of the stain with the textiles of the rugs, using high heat and pressure to persuade it away in a matter of seconds. Woolen and synthetic rugs fair far better with the heat and water than natural fibers would, mostly because they can withstand the dirt cutting edge of the treatment. The rug material is injected with the high-temperature steam + detergent mixture, which agitates the particles loosening them away from the fabric. It is immediately extracted with a vacuum cleaner, along with 95% of the moisture, which can be dissipated in a well-ventilated room. If you want quick drying, you can call and order our air movers beforehand, they are effective not only for rug cleaning purposes but can also be put to use in other textile drying situations.

Rug Cleaning 
Price Depends on Size & Condition

Book Professional Rug Cleaners in Stockport

Give yourself a well-deserved break and leave the hard work to us, call 0161 823 0247 today and the professional rug cleaners to do the rug cleaning in Stockport. If you are not certain and what to know how much we will cost you, without actually booking, ask about our free quote and our polite support will give you an accurate price estimation, and a convenient date and time for our visit.