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Top Clean Care FAQ

We will supply you with a pair or two of the same shoe protectors that our cleaners wear when cleaning your carpets, this will reduce the chance of contaminating the drying carpets and prevent colour bleeding, while also allowing you to walk over them.

Best is to contact us by either calling 0161 823 0247 or by entering our live chat where a team of dedicated helpers will answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

We use a wide catalog of eco-friendly detergents that have been thoroughly tested to determine if safe for use around children and pets. All of the supplies come from the reputable cleaning machine and supply producing company Prochem, adhering to all REACH standards.

For local orders we can guarantee a maximum of 1 hour wait, depending on the size of the order and how much staff we have present.

Yes, every avenue we employ as means of contact are 24/7 supported meaning you can contact us at any point of the day or night, by email, phone, live chat or even by using our bookings forms. All of said options are free and bind you in no way.

You can find that out by calling our team at 0161 823 0247, they will contact you and give you an accurate price estimation based on the amount of work there is to be done.

As true professionals we do not charge by the hour, but rather based on the work load and condition of the materials that are to be cleaned.

Yes, we have a minimum charge of 47 pounds for every order placed, no including combined orders and special deals.