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Excellent Carpet Cleaning in Stockport

carpet cleaningThe cleaning specialists will take care of your carpet! So you’ve spilled some food on your carpet and you can’t remove the stain, don’t resort to moving furniture only to hide the stain, call Top Clean Care in Stockport and the team will prevent you from becoming a hostage in your own living room. Powerful solvents, bio-degradable detergents and top of the line machinery will ensure the desired results every time, no uneven cleaning or color bleeding. Try our carpet cleaning in Stockport as soon as you can.

Benefits of choosing Top Clean Care in Stockport

It’s unreal how much dirt can be accumulated for a short period of time, carpets being the main culprits, regardless of bristle length and density, they will accumulate dust and dirt. Our cleaners can remove that, even if deeply embedded. You will also enjoy:

  • Deep tissue cleaning
  • Vivid colours
  • Soft fibers
  • Longer carpet life
  • Protected carpeting fibers

Ask about Scotchgard while on the phone 0161 823 0247 with our reps, and order an application of this magic detergent, it will seal in the clean results while simultaneously prolonging the life of the carpet, saving you money and the effort of buying a new carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Greater Manchester

Steam carpet cleaning – to achieve thorough results and be able to remove deeply embedded dirt, we use steam cleaning – a professional grade machine that boils a water and detergent mixture, absolutely toxin free. It injects the fibers of the carpet with a fine nozzle as to agitate and bring up all of the settle dust and gunk, drawing it all out using a strong vacuum cleaner.
It prevents color dullness and extracts stains with synthetic and natural origins like food coloring, food and drink spills and even gum and nail polish. Fully cleaned, your carpet will require some time to be completely dry as the cleaning does leave 5% moisture, which will be history within 1-2 hours.

Dry carpet cleaning – does not require any drying as it uses a dry compound detergent which draws moisture out, ideal of wet and damp stains that might cause shrinkage or color bleeding. It best works on delicate materials like satin, Kashmir and cotton, the fine approach of this treatment makes it a favorite amongst clients.
It has no drying time, no chance of water or heat damage and it's over just bellow twenty minutes. Quick, easy and very affordable, this cleanup treatment is Suitable for organic spills such as drinks and food. Also, this efficient procedure has the cleanup power to exterminate pests and deal with allergens in a way that no other treatment can. Try this proven method and make your floor coverings fresher and cleaner as brand new.

Book Top Clean Care’s Expert Cleaners

Is easy as picking up the phone and calling 0161 823 0247 – our dedicated support where our customer assistance is waiting to assist you in either booking or with information regarding upcoming deals and cleaning offers. You can also fill in our booking form and get contacted by our friendly & polite team for the fine details of our visit. Call today and find the sweet release of cleanliness.